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Flat Deck Towing Port Alberni

Flat Deck Towing Services from Port Alberni

Alberni Towing has 6 flat deck trucks available to move anything from light equipment to heavy duty machinery. Small cars to large trucks – we can haul anything you need. We handle everything from personal vehicles that have broken down to heavy construction equipment. Our flat deck fleet allows us to load vehicles at ground level for a much safer and more controlled loading surface. We are the go-to for flat deck towing in Port Alberni and throughout Vancouver Island.

When is flatbed towing useful? One example is vehicles that have All-Wheel Drive (AWD) should be towed on a flatbed truck. Tradition hook towing can cause damage to the system, so any vehicle that doesn’t have a switch to change from AWD to 2WD should be towed using a flatbed truck rather than a front-hook tow truck.


Flat deck towing is also used to transport exotic and classic cars, to ensure they can be transported with minimal risk of damage.


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Flat Deck Towing Port Alberni -BC
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24/7 Towing Services

Alberni Towing provides safe, secure, and reliable towing services in Port Alberni and Vancouver Island.

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